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Anna Hazare – Trust Game yet again?

“We Indians are too gullible. Our weakness is trust. Blind trust in people. We let this trust too deep into our hearts till the person rips open our heart and takes control over it.

First the British, then a party who gave us hope. This party now banks on the rich ‘history’ it basks in bringing a system of pointblank yet wonderfully masked heirarchy.
Then came along a party who ‘stole’ our hearts. Again ripped it open with their secular(cough) nature.
Now we lay our trust in a person who sees a future against the most corrupt EXPLOITERS India has ever seen in her history. Will this blind trust even touch the fortress of corruption supported by pillars of a family, who themselves have been at the apex of corruption since decades (Q factor)?

Hats off to you, Anna Hazare!”

This particular entry was written by me on another blogging website. This was back in April 2011 when the whole Anna Hazare movement was at the summit of it’s oscillation.

I think this deserves a repost, now that Team Anna (the Core Committee, IAC) has decided on entering politics.

Your views on this?


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