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In Nolan, we trust?

All this fad about the Batman trilogy.

I have one more discussion we can all argue about ALL DAY.

Now, before I begin, let me tell you, one thing I know for a fact, is that Chrisopher Nolan – the movies he makes, the way he makes the audience think, the guy’s bloody insane : Insomnia, Memento, The Prestige, Inception, The Batman Trilogy, and soon to come, Man of Steel. He’s got a list of legendary movies to his name.

But, when I saw that final epic conclusion of the trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises. I was, well, unpleasantly surprised.

The movie is epic.
The direction is crazy.
The stunts are mad.
The storyline is fabulous.
But all that, a critic will tell you, I’m only Average Joe.

Now, the discussion I’m coming to here, is, well, despite all the other Nolan movies having a tinge of fiction, there was always a realistic approach, always something the AUDIENCE connects with, always something that will make me think “Okay, 1+1 is not always equal to 2.”
The question I’m raising is:

“Is it Pure Evil or just something Supernatural?”

Bane - is he Pure Evil or is it Supernatural?

Straight to the point now, enough beating about the bush. Does Pure Evil just errr…exist? Consider Bane and Talia.
Both of them had one motive : kill millions of innocent people in Gotham.
The reason : Batman had foiled Talia’s father’s attempt to do the same thing a few years back.
—Endangering so many people’s lives for what one may say, revenge is just SUPERNATURAL.—
—We all have people we have lost, we all look for revenge, but this is PURE EVIL.—

And this is where, I believe, Nolan may have follied. Such evil doesn’t exist and if it’s supernatural, I believe it isn’t the way Nolan functions.

Hence, I was, not disappointed per se, but yes, unpleasantly surprised.
Yes, we have “Some people who just like to watch the world burn.” in reality as well, but they usually don’t start a war and jeopardise millions for the sake of some PERSONAL VENDETTA.

Batman v/s Bane

That’s my two cents on this topic.

Post your comments, add onto this and tell me if you agree or disagree.



3 comments on “In Nolan, we trust?

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