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"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing." – Benjamin Franklin

Happy Friendship’s Money-Making Day.

Forgive me if I may seem a bit harsh. That’s my view, and I’m very frank about them.

Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Children’s Day
Friendship’s Day
Valentine’s Day
…and a dozen other woven up days.

I think it’s a conspiracy.
You may barely scamper to hide a giggle.
My opinion – all these ‘Days’ are a conspiracy by souvenir and card biggies to make quick bucks. It’s a pretty easy and well thought out strategy. Goes like this :
# Weave up a day in honour of mothers (for instance)
# Print Mother’s Day cards and manufacture Mother’s Day souvenirs.
# Watch as people, in a way, EMOTIONALLY and for FORMALITY sake, end up buying these products.
# Price the products exorbitantly, give them names such as ‘Seasonal Mother’s Day offer!’.
# Hang a huge banner advertising the day.
# Team up with Mobile Network Operators so people end up sending in a huge number of SMSes.
# Watch their sales, income, company values break the roof.

Well played, Archie’s, Hallmark and other various souvenir shops who aim to cash in big time at the expense of us customers.

A few examples on how to blow your money :

Archies Souvenirs

Spend my money….on WHAT? Sorry, come again?

Archies - Facebook page

The Archies page on Facebook. A nice money-making tactic for these souvenir giants.

Hallmark facebook page

Family Fun Month? Note the part in particular about buying gifts of onyx among others.

I am studying Medicine, and I can say I don’t know even the root of Commerce, but it takes no commercial person to tell you this –
Be smart.
I will love my mother, my father, my friends all the rest 364 days of my year. I don’t need to buy them overpriced cards and gifts on one single day to prove my love.

I know I’m harsh, but everyone has opinions.

In the meanwhile, Happy Friendship’s Day to everyone.



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