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"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing." – Benjamin Franklin


Hello everyone!

We are in a generation, where changing cell phones is commonplace. And with that, comes a leech of time, energy and/or money – transferring your contacts.

So here, I’m going to be simplifying it – all in a nutshell. Here you go!

There are 2 methods —
1) Pay someone to do it! They probably might have professional paid apps and may charge you a bomb to do that.
2) Follow this :

–>>  Here, I will be showing how to get your contacts up on Google Contacts, since I believe nearly ALL OSes are compatible with that. However, you can upload your contacts to Outlook People as well, in a similar manner, and iOS can readily import contacts from there. <<–


The very first step is to import your contacts from your older cell. Various OSes have various freeware provided by the manufacturer to get that done. For example –

iOS – iTunes
Android – Google Contacts / Samsung Kies (if you’re using Samsung)
Symbian – Nokia Suite / Microsoft Apps -> Outlook People
Windows Phone 7.x/8.x – Backup to Outlook and Export contacts as VCF
Blackberry – Desktop Manager


Ideally, when you import contacts from a previous OS, it is recommended that you import them in .vcf (vCard)/.CSV format.
However, this isn’t always possible. No sweat!
Here is what you do, in case you import the files as .contact or a Windows Contact File.
Obviously, you might be thinking of some paid application I might suggest here, where you probably use a trial version and dispose of it when you’re done. NO. This is what you do and it’s way too simple!

  • Copy all the contacts from the original folder.
  • Go to your User folder (the one which has My Pictures, My Music etc.)


  • Well, there’s this folder called “Contacts” – open it (works for Windows 7+, unsure about earlier versions).
  • Paste all your contacts (in the .contact format) over here.
  • Click on “Export” and export the contacts in .vcf or .csv format depending upon where you want to put the contacts.
    contacts export
  • Now select, say .vcf.
    export as vcf
  • Export your contacts to folder, consider – on the Desktop and named “vCards”.
  • It would be exporting all your contacts separately as .vcf, each contact being a separate .vcf contact.
  • NOTE – If you export as .csv, you will get all contacts in one file, but you end up losing data, such as the photo which is attached to the contact.
  • Once you’ve exported the files as .vcf contacts (to a folder), in the SAME folder, go to –
    FILE -> OPEN COMMAND PROMPT -> OPEN COMMAND PROMPT (as shown in the picture.
  • Alternatively, RUN (Windows 7)/Search (Windows 8) for “cmd” and it should open a window.
    Type in “cd: <address of the folder which has all contacts>”.
    But I don’t know why you would choose this method.
  • It should open a window of this sort :
    command prompt
  • Copy this line :
    copy /B *.vcf AllvCards.vcf” (without the inverted commas)
    Right click the DOS Command Prompt -> Paste.
  • TADA! All the separate .vcf files have been merged into 1 main .vcf file. It 100% works!
    (If you have a better command for DOS, please inform me, and I will do the needful)


These steps are plain simple!

Import the “AllvCards.vcf” file into either Google Contacts or Outlook People.


Go to -> Sign In ->
contactsgoogleImport “AllvCards.vcf” ->

And you’re done! You now have your contacts on Google Contacts. Sync with your Android/Windows Phone/iOS/Any other OS by syncing with your GMail account.


Go to -> Sign In -> follow these steps :
outlookpeopleAnd you’re done here as well!
You can sync these contacts with iOS/Windows Phone.

Alternatively –

Transfer the “AllvCards.vcf” file to your phone, and open it via the File Manager.

Hope I helped!

That is ALL you need to do, ever.


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